8:00 am Opening Keynote– Morning Welcome & Chairperson Introduction

  • Julie Spoth IT Director, Enterprise Analytics , ConocoPhillips

8:15 am Opening Keynote– Making AI Pipelines work For Business

  • Richard Xu Principal Data and Platform Engineer, BHP


·         Understanding how to ensure data is an asset

·         Redefine processes to allow better speed and accessibility to data

·         Create solid pipelines and AI Models

·         Locate and catagorize data promptly

8:40 am How to Drive More Collaboration Through Applied Data Analytics


  • Understand how to break down internal silos and share more information internally
  • Drive team collaboration through better utilizing data
  • Improve and understand modern management techniques and how analytics can help

9:20 am Aligning Data Science to Business Outcomes

9:50 am Morning Coffee & Speed Networking

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Track A: Innovating Data Architecture for Advanced Analytics

Track B: Applied Analytics for E&P Optimization

10.40 Building out your Cloud Infrastructure to Enhance Analytics Capabilities

  • Understand why the cloud allows data to move faster and increase its performance capabilities
  • Learn how cloud infrastructure enables data to be better utilized for real-time analytics
  • Optimize your internal data infrastructure with a comprehensive look at cloud solutions

Pankaj Sharma, Data & Software Engineering Manager, Sanchez Oil

10.40 Use Case – Utilizing Subsurface Analytics to Improve Critical Decisions Within Exploration

  • Visualize how analytical tools dedicated to subsurface imaging support decision making within exploration
  • Dissect subsurface case studies the comprehend how analytics are enhancing subsurface findings

Francisco Ortigosa, Director, Innovation Technology, Repsol

11.20 Increasing Production of (Data) Assets using Data Virtualization

  •        Review the benefits of separating data access from data storage as a fundamental principle in achieving flexibility and control in exploiting your data assets.
  •        Learn how data virtualization has been used in analytics use cases from surface to subsurface including facilities, exploration, drilling, production and operations.
  •       Increase real-time, secure, performance, and shared data access across all your Upstream data sources (lakes and warehouses included) through a logical design.

Quinn Lewis, Consulting Director, Denodo & Former Technology Manager at Anadarko




11.50 Audience Discussion – Optimizing Infrastructure

In your roundtable discuss the 3 core challenges in modern
data infrastructure:

  • Cloud Migration
  • Breaking Down Legacy Data Silos
  • Data Democratization

11.20 Methodology to create Digital solution for E&P ( Upstream )




Presentation with L&T Technologies












11.50 Audience Discussion – Developing Prescriptive Analytics

  • In your round tables discuss how you are utilizing prescriptive analytics and why ML can increase the capabilities to deliver increased insight

12.10 Data Architecture Optimization

  • How to drive faster innovation with analytics and machine learning
  • How to implement data formatting and organization standards

Hayley Stephenson, Reservoir Analytics Engineer, Baker Hughes

12.10 Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics at Scale: A Platform Approach

Data Science (DS) solutions need to lead to actions to realize value. Production DS is not only about algorithms: data pipeline development, feature engineering, model validation and lifecycle management are fundamental components. At Equinor, we are approaching DS from a platform perspective. We solve different problem sets with a common “mold”. As a result, we reduce our implementation costs. We call this methodology epsilon-cost scaling. This is being applied to operational planning and predictive maintenance for instance. Details will be discussed including:

  • Data as a critical asset;
  • Platform approach to DS;
  • Epsilon-cost scaling advantages & constraints;
  • Focus on speed to build business impact

Fakhri Landolsi, Head of Data Sceience, Equinor

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12:30 pm Lunch

Track A: Innovating Data Architecture for Advanced Analytics

Track B: Applied Analytics for E&P Optimization

1.30 Utilizing Algorithms to Develop Master Data Management Strategies

  • Learn how to link data from multiple business units and source systems
  • Modify the underlying algorithms to incorporate reinforcement learning to help the proliferation of graph DB's

Ted Furlong, Chief Data Scientist, Baker-Hughes

1.30 Use Case – Application of Analytics by Leveraging Crowd Sourcing 

  • Give a jolt to your analytics practice by harnessing the power of the crowd.
    • What is crowdsourcing and who is the crowd?
    • How/ why is this approach any better than what I'm already doing?
    • Does crowdsourcing actually work: Case Study Examples

Richard Copsey, Open Innovation Manager, Advanced Analytics, Anadarko

2.10 Unlock Real Data Capabilities Through Breaking Down Data Silo’s

  • Create more meaningful analytics by eliminating rigid data silos and create a more efficient way to share information across the business
  • Build a more holistic view of the entire business data ecosystem & enable faster, more comprehensive data analytics
  • Increase the capacity of information available for decision
    making by changing the way structure to data storage

David Fulford, VP, Engineering, Gryphon

2.10 Application of data analytics and machine learning technology for geoscience.

  • Showcase the application of data analytics and machine learning technology to improve the efficiency and accuracy of geoscience workflows such as seismic and wellbore processing and interpretation
  • Discuss how to tailor the data analytics and machine learning algorithms, and strategies to handle the complexity of geoscience data

Haibin Di, Senior Data Scientist, Schlumbeger

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2:50 pm Afternoon Coffee & Exhibition

3:20 pm Understanding AI – The Impact on Upstream and how it can Revolutionize Everything


  • Learn how AI is changing the way in which upstream companies are looking at their sensing operation
  • Understand how to best utilize deep learning to support reservoir predictions and improve reservoir management
  • AI is helping Upstream companies process information faster than ever before – increase decision speed – and optimize E&P production
  • Understand the AI role in deciphering the large data sets created through E&P and how it can optimize the way upstream companies discover

4:20 pm Happy Hour: Under the Hood Workshops


(x3) Partner demonstrating Data Application Tools 15 minute demos

  • Get hands on with the tools that that turn your data into decisions over a 60 minute demo experience
  • Learn hands on exercises and put your learnings into practice with a drink and your fellow analytics leaders

(Places will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis*)