8:00 am Opening Keynote– Morning Welcome & Chairperson Introduction

  • Julie Spoth IT Director, Enterprise Analytics , ConocoPhillips

8:10 am Opening Keynote– Making AI Pipelines work For Business

  • Richard Xu Principal Data and Platform Engineer, BHP


·         Understanding how to ensure data is an asset

·         Redefine processes to allow better speed and accessibility to data

·         Create solid pipelines and AI Models

·         Locate and catagorize data promptly

8:50 am How to Drive More Collaboration Through Applied Data Analytics


  • Understand how to break down internal silos and share more information internally
  • Drive team collaboration through better utilizing data
  • Improve and understand modern management techniques and how analytics can help

9:30 am Aligning Data Science to Business Outcomes

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10:00 am Morning Coffee & Speed Networking

10:40 am achine Learning & Advanced Analytics at Scale: A Platform Approach


  • Data Science (DS) solutions need to lead to actions to realize value. Production DS is not only about algorithms: data pipeline development, feature engineering, model validation and lifecycle management are fundamental components. 
  • At Equinor, we are approaching DS from a platform perspective. We solve different problem sets with a common “mold”. As a result, we reduce our implementation costs. We call this methodology epsilon-cost scaling. 
  • This is being applied to operational planning and predictive maintenance for instance. Details will be discussed including: 
  • Data as a critical asset 
  • Platform approach to DS 
  • Epsilon-cost scaling advantages & constraints 
  • Focus on speed to build business impact 

11:20 am Increasing Production of (Data) Assets using Data Virtualization


  • Review the benefits of separating data access from data storage as a fundamental principle in achieving flexibility and control in exploiting your data assets. 
  • Learn how data virtualization has been used in analytics use cases from surface to subsurface including facilities, exploration, drilling, production and operations. 
  • Increase real-time, secure, performant, and shared data access across all your Upstream data sources (lakes and warehouses included) through a logical design. 

11:40 am Use Case – Utilizing Subsurface Analytics to Improve Critical Decisions Within Exploration 


  • Visualize how analytical tools dedicated to subsurface imaging support decision making within exploration. 
  • Dissect subsurface case studies comprehend how analytics are enhancing subsurface findings. 

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12:30 pm Lunch

1:20 pm Application of data analytics and machine learning technology for geoscience.

  • Haibin Di Senior Data Scientist , Schlumberger


  • Showcase the application of data analytics and machine learning technology to improve the efficiency and accuracy of geoscience workflows such as seismic and wellbore processing and interpretation 
  • Discuss how to tailor the data analytics and machine learning algorithms, and strategies to handle the complexity of geoscience data 

1:50 pm Use Case – Utilizing Algorithms to Develop Master Data Management Strategies


  • Learn how to link data from multiple business units and source systems 
  • Modify the underlying algorithms to incorporate reinforcement learning to help the proliferation of graph DB’s 

2:20 pm Building out your Cloud Infrastructure to Enhance Analytics Capabilities


  • Understand why the cloud allows data to move faster and increase its performance capabilities  
  • Learn how cloud infrastructure enables data to be better utilized for real-time analytics 
  • Optimize your internal data infrastructure with a comprehensive look at cloud solutions 

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2:50 pm Unlock Real Data Capabilities Through Breaking Down Data Silo’s


  • Create more meaningful analytics by eliminating rigid data silos and create a more efficient way to share information across the business  
  • Build a more holistic view of the entire business data ecosystem & enable faster, more comprehensive data analytics  
  • Increase the capacity of information available for decision making by changing the way structure to data storage 

3:20 pm Afternoon Coffee & Exhibition

3:50 pm Understanding AI – The Impact on Upstream and how it can Revolutionize Everything


  • Learn how AI is changing the way in which upstream companies are looking at their sensing operation
  • Understand how to best utilize deep learning to support reservoir predictions and improve reservoir management
  • AI is helping Upstream companies process information faster than ever before – increase decision speed – and optimize E&P production
  • Understand the AI role in deciphering the large data sets created through E&P and how it can optimize the way upstream companies discover

4:30 pm Happy Hour: Under the Hood Workshops



Demo’s Include
– Management ControlsDenodo
  • Get hands-on with the tools that that turn your data into decisions over a 60-minute demo experience
  • Learn hands-on exercises and put your learnings into practice with a drink and your fellow analytics leaders

(Places will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis*)