8:10 am Optimizing Predictive Analytics and How This Effects E&P


  • Develop better predictive analysis of maintenance and equipment breakdowns and improve the whole operation
  • Optimize overall performance across all wells and reservoirs with comprehensive health and performance analytics to ensure decision makers stay ahead of critical situations
  • Understand the developing landscape of predictive analytics tools and which solution works best across different functions
  • Increase performance workflows for engineers with more access to analytics

8:40 am Keynote – Advanced Analytics in Contractor Management

  • Jason Duane Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Management Controls


·         Access real-time data to drive value and improve productivity across your contractor workforce for a 5% to 15% value upside

·         Use digitalization to enforce contract terms and conditions while also driving rate, skill, headcount, schedule, and other compliance items

·         Leverage 30+ years of industrial work-site best practices

9:00 am Achieving Improvements in Company-scale Capital Allocation with Reduced Physics and Deep Learning to Evaluate the risk/reward of new Completions in Workovers and New Drills



·         Learn how to integrate machine learning and physics knowledge to overcome issues with limited datasets and improve risk characterization of new completion opportunities.

·         See how to use the results from data driven pipelines to high-grade opportunities and incorporate data-driven risk/uncertainty into capital planning

·         Review case study, obstacles, and techniques for deploying data science into existing workflows and decision making to make a strategic impact and avoid getting stuck in the ‘POC’ project phase

9:30 am The Journey to Building a Data Lake & Transforming Customer Analytics

  • Sara Miller Head of Data Management and Data Lake, Direct Energy


As cloud technology matures, more and more companies are migrating on-premise data warehouses and services to the cloud to achieve a fully manageable digital transformation for their organizations. Direct Energy is keeping pace by improving their cloud strategy and creating a modern data architecture to enable self-service reporting and analytics and data-driven decision making across the business.

·         Discuss the journey to build out our first residential customer-centric data lake to include best practices, lessons learned and pitfalls.

·         Emphasize the importance of engaging key stakeholders and collaborating across teams.

·         Share technology we’ve integrated into our end-to-end data pipeline from ingestion and data warehousing through reporting and analytics.

10:00 am Morning Coffee & Exhibition

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10:30 am Application of Analytics by Leveraging Crowd Sourcing


·         Give a jolt to your analytics practice by harnessing the power of the crowd.

·         What is crowdsourcing and who is the crowd?

·         How/ why is this approach any better than what I’m already doing?

  • Does crowdsourcing actually work: Case Study Examples

11:00 am The Benefits of Building IT Infrastructure to Enhance Machine Learning and Statistical Algorithms


·         Develop a clear plan to modernize IT infrastructure to best support the growing rate of new data processing technologies

·         Optimize statistical algorithms to obtain more data abilities and increase your competitive advantage

11:30 am Methodology to Create Digital Solutions for E&P (Upstream)

  • Vinay Bhanot Vice-President and Business Head, Plant Engineering, Americas ( Oil & Gas, Chemicals, CPG, L&T Technology Services Limited
  • Sunil Arora Digital PLM Consulting Head, L&T Technology Services


·         Our proven methodology enables digital solutions to deliver value for upstream customers

·         Our domain experience and best practices helps to accelerate the adoption

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12:00 pm “Upskilling” the workforce and Organizing for Success to Leverage the Power of Advance Analytics at Hess


·         Change the culture by increasing machine learning literacy

·         Enable our Petrotech staff to execute

·         Org. structure to win

12:30 pm Lunch

1:30 pm Why we need Data Democratization to Eliminate Silos


·         Obtain more value from data we need to understand how to safely democratize it

·         Learn how to create meaningful information by eliminating silos

·         Integrate data warehouses & eliminate silos to open up data to more people within the E&P process

2:00 pm Which came first: The Data or the Business Problem?


·         Learn how a data centric approach results in unnecessary data architectures and increased risk to adoption and business solutions

Put the business problems first to be more successful in your designs and efforts

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2:30 pm Extreme Data Makeover: From Ugly Duckling to Cinderella

  • Alice Yu Manager, Senior Data Architect, EAG 1Source


An exciting look into tips and tricks for supporting longer-lasting self-service analytics, with an emphasis on data preparation and transformation.


·         Look at examples of raw, unclean data.

·         Learn commonly used tools and processes for prepping and cleansing data into an usable format.

·         Understand the importance of knowing your data sources, infrastructure, workflows, and layouts from the start.

·         The Doing it Live Makeover: a quick mini-demo showing live transformation from raw data into usable story-telling.

3:00 pm Robotics and Reinforcement Learning for oil field Equipment Inspections and Analysis


·         How to build self-learning algorithms for intelligent robotic systems which can do completely automated maintenance systems and generate recommendations and dill plans.

3:30 pm Audience Discussion:Part one -Your Experience and Share Your Learnings


·         Discuss the best digital technologies that are helping upstream companies create better use of data

·         Share how predictive analytics are helping to for see equipment failure and reduce downtime

·         Understand how an open architecture approach can support a better mix of technology

·         Bridge the gap between data architecture and analytics with an open discussion of the two days learnings

·         Optimizing collaboration between all data functions and touch points to improve information sharing and decision making

4:00 pm End of Conference